“Online Game Minor Parental Guardianship Project”It is a project jointly initiated and implemented by domestic online game companies and guided by the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China. It aims to strengthen parents' supervision of minors participating in online games, guide minors to participate in online games in a healthy and green way, and harmonious family relations. social welfare actions. It provides a practical method, a channel for parents to implement monitoring, and makes it possible for parents to correct the behavior of some minor children who are addicted to games.
      This social welfare action fully reflects the high social responsibility of China's online game industry, its concern for the legitimate rights and interests of underage players, and its desire to create a harmonious society with practical actions.
      “PRW”In this public welfare action, Happy Garden launched a kind of game based on the current situation that minors lack self-control and self-discipline, and are easily addicted; a few guardians lack the time to take care of minors and cannot monitor the current situation of minors' game time in time. It can be monitored by parents to correct the protection mechanism for some minor children who are addicted to games.

《Tips for minors' healthy participation in online games》
      With the popularity of the Internet among young people, it has become a common phenomenon for minors to contact online games. In order to protect minors' healthy participation in games, under the premise that the government further strengthens industry management, parents should also strengthen supervision and guidance. To this end, we provide the following opinions for minors to participate in online games:
一、Actively control game time. Games are just an adjustment for learning and life. Actively participate in various offline activities, and let parents understand their behaviors and experiences in online games.
二、Don't engage in game settings that can take a lot of time. Do not play large role-playing games, and do not play games with PK-type settings. School students play games for no more than 2 hours per week and spend no more than $10 per month on games.
三、Don't take the game as a spiritual sustenance. Especially when encountering pressure and setbacks in real life, you should communicate more with your family and friends, instead of relying only on games to relieve pressure.
四、Develop a positive and healthy gaming mentality. Overcome the psychology of comparison, showing off, hatred and revenge, and avoid forming bad online behavior habits such as bullying and robbing others.
五、Take care to protect personal information. Including personal family, friends identity information, home, school, unit address, phone number, etc., to prevent network traps and network crimes.
Parental Guardianship Service Description:
    The parental monitoring system fully considers the actual needs of parents. When parents find that their children are too addicted to games, the parents provide legal guardian qualification certificates, game name and account number, and parents' desire to limit the intensity and other information. Accounts in the game addicted state take several restrictive measures to solve the undesirable phenomenon of minors addicted to games, such as restricting the time interval and length of minors playing games every day, or restricting games only on holidays, or completely prohibiting them.

Parental Guardianship Service Progress Inquiry:
    If you have applied for parental guardianship services, during the service period, when you have questions about the information you need to submit, the processing results, or any other questions, you can contact us during working hours, and we will have a dedicated acceptance specialist to provide you with consultation Answer the service, or cooperate and guide you to solve the problem.